Sunday, December 20, 2009

Short guide to our website

For this website we made it nearly as simple as possible. Just scroll down and you should see everything. But there are a few interesting things to tell you while you scroll around.

On the top left side there is a search box, this box (unfortunately) just searches the posts that we have on here and not the rest of the site. But if you want to use it go ahead, better an option than not one.

Under the search box there are some subscription links. These links let you see the changes made to the site with you RSS Readers and a few popular ones are on there. You can also subscribe to the comments if you really want to. If your reader is not on the list you can copy down the hyperlink or use the atom feed and add it to your own reader.

Under this there are some links containing our menu as well as a page only showing our wine menu. There is another page with the calendar for the month as well as the map gadget on there. These were put on separate pages as well as the main page so that you will have an easy time printing them. Making it much easier than copying and pasting to word or whatever you would have done without the links

The about our restaurant post is self-explanatory. Under that is a poll, I'll try to update it whenever it expires, but put in your feedback; we want to see what you think of us!

Going down the page a little more is a Google Calendar embedded in our site. This is a cool little gadget that will show when we are open and when we are closed. You can also view this in a week view as well as an agenda view. You can add this entire calendar (yes add the entire thing) to your own Google Calendar (it will show up as a separate calendar from your personal Google Calendar) by clicking the +Google Calendar picture on the bottom right.

Under the wine menu we have a neat little map to us gadget. This gadget lets you find us very easily. It has a to and from link on the bubble coming from our location. Put in your address and click go! This will take you from our page to Google Maps where it will give you a direct path to our restaurant which you can customize with Google Maps if say you want to go along a certain road and still go to our restaurant. Or, if you know where we are and want to go somewhere after eating there is a from our Restaurant which will lead you to your next location.

At the very bottom (just to mention it) I just added which credit cards we accept. I will list them off: Diners Club International, Carte Blanche, Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards, and Discover Novus. Pictures of the cards are near the bottom.

Thank you all for visiting our site and we hope you find what you want to eat here. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well it seems we have a winner for the poll on which salad topping people prefer. For those that care about such things we had:

23 votes for tomatoes
19 votes for cucumbers
23 votes for pasta
24 votes for bacon
16 votes for croûtons
10 votes for applesauce
20 votes for salad (salad bowl itself)
9 votes for other
5 votes for people that didn't like the salad

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Article in The Capital

In case you missed it on 9/10/09 there was an article in The Capital about us. They were telling about how much they like our restaurant and how we've been in business for 60 years.

They focused on all the different food we offer including our prize-winning signature Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Crab skins, clam strips, Maryland fried chicken, Veal Parmesan, as well as our salad bar; and the list goes on. If you want to see the full article click this link: (I'm working on getting the article embedded, but the ShareThis service doesn't seem to be working for me)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Small mispost now fixed

As some of you might have noticed there were three prices on the menu that weren't right. As soon as I got word of this I changed it. Now the prices are:

A la Carte Salad Bar.....................................................$5.95

Crab Dip.........................................................................$11.95

Crab Skins......................................................................$9.95

I hope this didn't cause confusion for anyone and please let me know if there's any other errors you think you've found. Thanks!