Monday, January 11, 2010

Spicing up the site! Pictures and videos!

Hello there again!

I've been getting a lot of requests so it seems to be important to people. People want pictures and videos on the site of crab cakes and all the different food from the restaurant.

Yet, to personalize this a little more I'm going to allow anyone, anyone at all to send in there pictures or even videos (keep them reasonably sized; no 1 hour vids and such please). You can send them through file sharing services, sending them as attachments to my e-mail address (maximum attachment size 25MBs) or just send a link to your youtube video and I'll embed it as a few ideas. However you want to send it to me go for it

I probably can't put every picture or video I receive up on the site, but send yours in and I'll definitely consider it. If you want your name put with the picture or other personal info. as well I'll add it for you (if I choose to use it of course).

I'm interested to see what you guys and gals come up with!


Anonymous said...

I've been going to Edgewater Restaurant for over 40 years. From it being great to mediocre and then back to great again. But, I never had a bad meal there. That is until about three weeks ago. An appetizer of Cream of Crab Soup had to be sent back because quite literally I couldn't find any Crab in it except what looked like claw meat. The replacement soup was no better. I was used to big, hearty chunks of crab in that soup. I don't know what happened.
To make matters worse, the person with me ordered the Broiled Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. When they arrived they looked burned? Can broiled crab cakes be burned? Anyway, they looked like it and they were also very,very dry. To the point that he didn't eat them but loaded up on salad which is always well laid out with very good ingredients. Never in all the years that both of us have been going there has anything like this happened. And the way the prices keep elevating, higher than some downtown Washington very fine Restaurants, it might just be another downturn for that great little place to eat on Mayo Road.
We didn't know whether to say anything or not being afraid of how they would take it.
Funny, but two days later while at the A.A.Med.Ctr. and in the "Clothes Box" I heard one elderly woman who volunteered there talking about going out to eat in Edgewater. I asked where she was talking about and she said Edgewater Rest. She told me she had heard how wonderful it was but when she took some out of state visitors there, as it turns out the night after I was there, she reported to me that they experienced the same thing we had. Burned Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes and poor Crab Soup along with bad service. She was truly disappointed.. When I went back to the Clothes Box two days ago she asked if I had been back because he son was coming to town and she had wanted to go there. I told her I had not been back yet but one bad meal in 40 years wasn't going to keep me away.

Anonymous said...

We're sorry to hear that unpleasant dining experiences have happened at Edgewater Restaurant. Problems do occur and we do appreciate them being brought to our attention so it can be corrected. One note to mention is that we have not raised any of our prices in over 4 years due to the economy. Our purchasing prices have increased but we have not passed that on to the customer. Thanks to all who are loyal and if you have experienced a problem, please give us another chance.

The Edgewater Restaurant Team

Anonymous said...

We're going to try your restaurant in September because I suspect you have some incredible food; but you really should hire somebody to give you a quality web site. This will never get you any business. When tourists go searching for Maryland crab cakes, you really want your site to pop up and be eye catching. I suspect you've missed out on a lot of potential customers.

Destroyer77 said...

@ June 24 comment

Well, considering the 55,927 pageviews (the page view gadget on the website might not be accurate), the site being entirely free to publish on the web and reliable even with heavy traffic. As well as the fact that sometimes our entire parking lot is packed most of the time it seems to be an ok way to show off our Restaurant.

If you have suggestions for improving the website then please e-mail me at the address listed on our main page.

Destroyer77 said...

@ June 25th deleted comment. Please don't put other companies links on our website. I have a copy of the message and will consider what points you made

I also did ask you to please e-mail these points in the first place

Anonymous said...

By far my favorite restaurant! Edgewater has the best crabcakes ever known to man with a splendid salad bar full of favs. I recommend Edgewater to any and everyone looking for the best seafood in town!

Destroyer77 said...

Why thank you :) I'm glad you've enjoyed our restaurant